What is the full form of IPS?

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Full form of IPS is (Indian Police Service), and to become an IPS, you have to give an exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). This is a competitive exam (competitive exam). Every year more than 8 lakh participants apply for this exam. And out of that only 600 to 700 students are selected and they become IPS.

IPS is a popular abbreviation, this abbreviation is used for the head of the Indian Police. The duty of IPS is to operate law and order in the country, the responsibility of the police system of the entire country is entrusted to IPS only. Apart from this, the person appointed to this post also helps India’s intelligence agency like RAW and has the ability to strengthen the law and order of the country as well as take direct action against criminal activities.

The Constitution of India gives the right to every citizen of the country to be appointed to a powerful and respected post like IPS, just for this that person has to prove himself the best by passing the civil examination. Civil exam of UPSC taken for prestigious post like IPS is very popular in India.

Every year crores of candidates apply for this examination. And out of these crores of candidates, the best ones are selected for respectable police posts.

What is the full form of IPS?

Full form of IPS

The full form of IPS is (Indian Police Service), and to become an IPS, you have to give an exam conducted by UPSC. This is a competitive exam (competitive exam). Every year more than 8 lakh participants apply for this exam. And out of that only 600 to 700 students are selected and they become IPS. full form of IPS

History of IPS?

The history of IPS goes back a long way and was started in 1905 by the British as the Imperial Police Service.
After independence in 1948, the new post of Indian Police Service came into existence and it was created according to the requirement of India. full form of IPS, full form of IPS

How to become an IPS officer?

You can also be a contender for the post of an IPS officer after passing the civil service exam which is held in several stages on the strength of hard work. For this the candidate has to work hard day and night. full form of IPS

As you know, the post of an IPS officer is a proud and prestigious post in itself, under which the responsibility of maintaining Indian security and law and order lies. As the District Superintendent of Police, he works closely with the District Officer. full form of IPS

To become an IPS, you have to keep in mind everything given below, through which you too can give the Civil Services Exam.

IPS Full Form in Hindi?

  • I – Indian (भारतीय)
  • P – Police (पुलिस)
  • S – Service (सर्विस)

इस प्रकार IPS का पूरा नाम भारतीय पुलिस सेवा अधिकारी होता है।

IPS Eligibility

There are some basic eligibility criteria that students who dream of IPS need to fulfill-


Citizens of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, along with Indian nationals, can apply in this exam, but for recruitment to IAS and IPS, the candidate must be a citizen of India.

IPS Education Qualification

To become an IPS officer, you have to give the civil service exam which is conducted every year by UPSC. To give this exam, your educational qualification should be at least graduate in any field from a recognized university. full form of IPS

Apart from this, such candidates can also appear in this examination, who have graduated through technical courses like – B.tech, BCA, Agriculture, Business. Also, if you are in the final year of your graduation course i.e. in the final session, then also you can apply for UPSC exam. full form of IPS

  • The minimum educational qualification of the candidate should be Under Graduation.
  • He should have completed the graduation course in any field and has the qualification for it.
  • Apart from this, the candidate is in the final year of graduation course, still the application can be given.
  • There is no limit of minimum marks in graduation, just graduate degree holder.

Age limit for IPS Exam?

The minimum age of the candidate to appear in the Civil Services Examination is the same for each category, but the maximum age limit is different for each category. By the way, to become an IPS officer, your minimum age should be 21 years.

So the same if you come from General Category then your maximum age should be 32 years. Apart from this, the OBC category candidate gets an age relaxation of 3 years, so that their maximum age should be 35 years.

Also SC/ST are given age relaxation of 5 years so that their maximum age should be 42 years to give UPSC exam.

CategoryUpper Age relaxationAge Limit
IPS Age Limit for General021 to 32 years
IPS Age Limit for SC/ST5 years21 to 37 years
IPS Age Limit for OBC3 years21 to 35 years
IPS Age Limit for PwBD10 years21 to 42 years
Defense Services Personnel, disabled in operations during hostilities3 years21 to 35 years
Ex-servicemen5 years21 to 37 years
full form of IPS

IPS Officer Physical Qualification

As a part of the physical test to become an IPS officer, candidates who do not meet the medical standards for IPS chest expansion criteria, immediately after the first medical examination i.e. interview, can appeal or during the second medical examination. Show off your chest expansion.

GradeEligibility for maleeligibility for Female
HeightGeneral – 165 CMOBC/SC/ST/Other – 160 CMGeneral – 150 CMOBC/SC/ST/Other – 145 CM
ChestMinimum – 84 cms Expansion – 5 cmsMinimum – 79 cms Expansion – 5 cms
Eye6/6 or 6/9 distance vision for the better eye6/12 or 6/9 for evil eye
full form of IPS

IPS Number of Attempt for All Categories

The number of attempts a candidate can take in the exam to become an IPS officer is given below:-

Category of candidateNumber Of Attempts
SC/STUnlimited till the age of 39
Physically challenged candidates9 attempts for General and OBC candidates and unlimited attempts for SC/ST candidates (up to age limit)
full form of IPS

What is IPS salary?

The minimum salary of IPS officers is Rs 56,100 and the maximum salary is Rs 2,25,000 depending on their rank and force: –

IPS Rank Post in State/Central Police Forceवेतन (भारतीय रुपया में)
Director General of Police/Director General of IB or CBI2,25,000/-
Director General of police2,05,400/-
Inspector General of Police1,44,200/-
Director General Deputy Inspector General1,31,100/-
Senior Superintendent of Police78,800/-
Additional Superintendent of Police67,700/-
Police sub-inspector56,100/-
full form of IPS

Work of IPS?

If we tell about the work of an IPS officer, then let us tell you that law and order has to be maintained in the society, along with maintaining law and order, preventing and dealing with accidents, catching criminals, running traffic services smoothly. The officer has only one job, and different jobs have different jobs. An IPS officer also gets an opportunity to work in paramilitary forces like CBI, RAW and IB, in which intelligence detects and destroys illegal things. full form of IPS

IPS Training?

All newly selected IAS and IPS officers attend the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) for a three-month Common Foundation Course. After the Foundation Course, IAS officers stay at LBSNAA and all other officers go to their specialized training institutes. IPS officer trainees go to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) Hyderabad for the rest of their training. IAS probationers have a two-year training program, but IPS officers undergo two-and-a-half years of training. full form of IPS

The topper of the IAS training receives the President’s Gold Medal and the baton of the Prime Minister is given to the topper of the IAS training course. IAS training is more concerned about the management, coordination and administration of resources and manpower.

IPS training includes physical training and various laws required for law enforcement activities. IPS training is more difficult and requires more physical activities. This includes horse riding, parades, ordnance training, and other important things required for law enforcement.

Rules and Functions of an IPS Officers?

  • The Indian intelligence agency is headed and commanded by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), IB (Intelligence Bureau), CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), CID (Criminal Investigation Department) etc.
  • To maintain public peace and order, crime prevention, investigation, detection, VIP security, counter terrorism, drug trafficking, economic offences, disaster management etc.
  • leadership and command of CAPFs, which include CPOs (Central Police Organisations), and Central Paramilitary Forces (CPFs) such as BSF (Border Security Force), CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), NSG (National Security Guard), CISF (Central Industrial security forces) etc.
  • An IPS officer is given the task of negotiating and serving with the ministry and department of the state and center in policy making.


In which year the name of IPS was changed from Imperial Police to IPS?

After India’s independence in the year 1948.

In which year was the post of IPS established?

In the year 1905 under the name of Imperial Police.

Who became the first woman IPS of India?

Kiran Bedi

What is the provision of educational qualification to appear in the IPS exam?

The minimum qualification of the candidate should be graduation only then he can sit in the UPSC exam of IPS.

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